The third full length album from Mom Jeans, Sweet Tooth, will be blessing your ears Friday February 25, 2022. Sweet Tooth allows Mom Jeans to embrace the pop side of pop punk and the results are extremely tasty hooks and super sweet ear candy.

“Give me something sweet so I can make it through the week,” is the first line of the album, setting the tone for the rest of the effort. For the next 13 songs, we’re going to embrace the fun and forget all our cares for a little while. “Something Sweet” is a great fast-paced and noodley sugar-pop opener, complete with the delicious “ooohs” under the choruses. “White Trash Millionaire” and “Circus Clown” are both two silly and very fun songs with punchy hooks that are impossible not to dance to.

A few tracks, “Tie Dye Acid Trip,” “Graduating Life,” and “What’s Up,” tackle some sour issues but the insanely catchy hooks and relentless ear worms will make you want to listen again and again (and again). There are songs on the album that already feel like classics. “Ten Minutes” and “Sugar Rush” are two that utilize the classic crescendo effect to build up incredible energy and emotion that feels just like home. “LUV L8R” is going to be a ton of fun live, as that poppy snare is just begging to be moshed to. Another high-energy track, “Hippos In the Water,” will also be an absolute monster to hear live.

Sweet Tooth explores the more saccharine side of Mom Jeans and allows us to indulge in the fun. Let’s have our cake and eat it too because life is hard, so why not embrace the good parts when we can? And Sweet Tooth helps us do exactly that.

Pre-save the new album from Mom Jeans, get your hands on a copy of the vinyl release and more!

Listen to/watch Angelo’s interview with Eric and Sam of Mom Jeans for Episode 225 of the podcast!

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Tyra Brunza

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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