Fit For An Autopsy create an album that looks to push the bounds of deathcore with ‘Oh What the Future’

In 2021, the deathcore genre gained national recognition with bands like Lorna Shore and Whitechapel releasing albums that landed notable placings on the billboard charts. New Jersey deathcore band Fit for An Autopsy look to carry the torch heading into 2022 as they begin to blur the lines and push the bounds of what deathcore can be on their sixth studio album Oh What the Future Holds.

Oh What the Future Holds stays true to the key elements of the deathcore genre and flawlessly incorporates technical metal virtuosity, death metal menace, hardcore intensity, melodic insidiousness and other abstract elements to help Fit For An Autopsy bring their vision to life. The band takes all of these different elements and puts them on full display while also managing to keep the album feeling complete and polished.

The album goes from soothing and technical guitar work in songs such as “Two Towers” and “Collateral Damage” to brutal beatdowns and aggressive pummeling percussive work in “Savages” and “Far from Heaven.”  The band then pulls one final trick out for the closing track “The Man that I Was Not,” as vocalist Joseph Badolato demonstrates his full range with his clean vocals eliciting a sense of emotion that perfectly ties the album together.

Overall, Fit For An Autopsy have created an album that looks to push the bounds of what deathcore can sound like. This record feels like a fresh take on modern aggressive music as the band lays out every trick they have. Catch Fit for an Autopsy as they go on tour this winter with special guests Enterprise Earth, Ingested, Signs of the Swarm, and Great American Ghost. Don’t Forget to listen to Oh what the Future Holds this Friday January 14, 2022 via Nuclear Blast.

Click here for info on the new album from Fit For An Autopsy, and more!

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Alex Cavezza

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