The thing I love about Virginity (the band, not the concept) is how absolutely together they have their musical shit. This is a group of people who have had enough time and experience to really be able to dial in a sound and know what the hell they’re doing. Or, at least, they make us feel like they do. Their record, POPMORTEM, is out Friday October 15, 2021 via Smartpunk records and is truly a testament to the idea that age in music is absolute horse crap and it’s okay to kick ass when you’re over 30.

This album has the works — key changes, horns, big yells, good lyrics and sick ass guitar riffs that made me give a stink face in public (you know what I’m talking about). Their sound is super high energy, a lot of the songs giving me some Menzingers vibes, a little bit of Weezer (in a good way), old school Green Day and dare I say some Sum-41? I do. I do dare. Every song brings its own little spice — guitar solos, monologues, horn sections, you name it!

“IamYOUareMEtoo”, Virginity’s big single off POPMORTEM is an incredible introduction to what the record is going to be. Also, big shout out to the lyrics, “I’m sorry every song that I write about you is really about me.” Same, Virginity. Same.

This album is a lot of fun to listen to but more than that, it really brings up a lot of great points. “Phantom Bangs” in particular delves into the concept of knowing how good you might have it in life and having depression regardless, something I know I struggle with too. It’s always nice to get a small reminder that you’re not alone with your worries and thoughts — we all feel differently but ask similar questions. Virginity makes a point to dive into existentialism, growing older while your friends around you keep the same habits as their younger selves, relationships that once used to be deep and meaningful growing into something transactional and plastic — they touch on quite a few things that I appreciate as someone who is a bit older than the average person in the DIY/indie scene.

Virginity is a band that is truly something relatable for anyone who might be over the age of 25, appealing to not only the younger crowd of rock fans but absolutely hitting the mark with those of us who might feel a bit disconnected with the newer wave of artists coming through. We’re not as young as we used to be and it’s so nice to get a reminder that while we might not have that young 20s spring in our step anymore, we can still rip and write absolute monsters of songs that will get people on their feet and yelling along with us. I especially enjoy the tracks “You Can’t Stop the Machine” and “What’s the Point” for that.

“Best Friend” in particular is a song that evolves so organically and wonderfully, going from nice acoustic guitar and light percussion to a delightful horn section that’s just a little jazzy and then achieves its final form as a crunchy guitar, heavy drum, My Chemical Romance-esque outro for the last 45 seconds. That’s where I made the stink face in public — it rocks so hard.  And if you know me at all, you know I love a good yell in a song and Virginity really brings it, letting the emotion climb throughout every song until they just seem to let go in a raw shout of lyrics that I can’t wait to scream alongside them one day.

If you enjoy a record with in your face riffs, guitarmonies (that’s guitar harmonies for those of you who think I’m just making shit up) and catchy hooks, POPMORTEM is absolutely for you. You can catch Virginity at Fest in Florida on October 30 and be sure to follow them on all social media for show updates because I promise they’re a band you do not want to miss.

Check out the new album from Virginity + more!

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August Greenberg

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