Baltimore, Maryland natives Cherie Amour are releasing their debut EP Internal Discussions on October 1, 2021 via Equal Vision Records. The effort as a whole flows together from one song to the next, having a theme of going through life while mending back the pieces after a breakup.

“Imposter” is the song that encapsulates what Cherie Amour are about. They don’t fit into one genre, and this song exemplifies the blend of their influences. It starts off with a quiet introduction, Trey Miller starts with a slight rap verse, which carries the song into the chorus of smooth vocals. The lyrical content takes us down a rabbit hole of feeling; the theme of not being one’s full self is evident and putting on a facade while dealing with the internal turmoil.   

“A Beautiful Mess, a Perfect Disaster” is the most relatable song on this EP. Everyone goes through stages in their life and they need the confidence boost that even if it seems like they’re not fully together, they’re perfect just the way they are. It seems cheesy, but it’s true. As the song progresses, it tells the story of drowning away the weight the internal thoughts have and realizing that people can’t help the way they feel. It’s part of being human and Cherie Amour articulate it perfectly.    

The EP has a quieter tone to it, from beginning to end, but still has that punk concept that Cherie Amour were going for. The theme of rhetorical discussions that never take place, but should, is a huge indicator of where Cherie Amour is and how they can expand on that theme through later installments as a band.  

Internal Discussions is for anyone who just wants to vibe and feel something or for those who just love finding new music. Cherie Amour has rebranded themselves and as it looks like they’re going places. This band will continue to grow and deserve the support!   

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TAGS: Cherie Amour | Equal Vision Records

Sammi Mika

Twitter: @SammiMika

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