With the music industry is on the mend and live show announcements back to occurring daily, what better way to celebrate than with a team effort highlighting “first” shows. Here at Spinning Thoughts we appreciate all genres, so don’t be surprised to see a good mix of music tastes amongst the contributors.

Contributor: Taylor
Tour: Dashboard Confessional Unplugged Tour
Date: September 12, 2021

Dashboard Confessional “Unplugged Tour” 2021

I’ll admit there’s been some crazy good show announcements coming for 2021, but I am personally most excited for the Dashboard Confessional “Unplugged” Tour! I’m very much anticipating seeing This Wild Life in one of my favorite Florida venues. I’m hoping there’s new TWL music involved, but I’ll be happy, nonetheless. Additionally, I have only seen Dashboard Confessional a couple of times and looking forward to their unplugged set.

Contributor: Dan
Tour: Pure Noise Records and Silverstein
Most Anticipated Show: Real Friends as part of the Pure Noise Tour. 

Pure Noise Records Tour 2021

Like many tours, this one isn’t coming to Canada, as uncertainty remains around when the US-Canada border will re-open as the Covid-19 pandemic subsides. However, if it were possible, this would be the first tour I’d see in person. The new incarnation of Real Friends is an exciting prospect and will be very energetic in a live context. 

Most Anticipated Canadian Show: Silverstein 

Silverstein is one of the few bands to have announced a show in Canada thus far. Having been at it for over two decades, the live energy of the band has not faded in any way. A Silverstein show never disappoints. 

Contributor: Jessi
Tour: American Aquarium
Date: July 14, 2021

American Aquarium at Delmar Hall in St. Louis

So excited to see tours returning! I’m vaxxed, buying wax and ready to drink overpriced beers in hot venues to my favorite bands again. I’m super stoked to catch American Aquarium in St. Louis at Delmar Hall on July 14th for his “Lamentations” tour.

While I don’t frequently follow country artists, American Aquarium is definitely outside the norm of the genre. I’ve seen them perform at Off Broadway in St. Louis and absolutely loved the show. While Off Broadway was a much more intimate venue, Delmar Hall will be a bigger room, but I’m sure the audience will feel just as connected to the band and the music, as BJ Barham always does a phenomenal job of storytelling and putting on a fun live show.

Contributor: Tyra
Tour: Coheed and Cambria & The Used co-headliner
Date: September 5, 2021

Coheed and Cambria/The Used Tour 2021

My first show back after our year+ hiatus from living life will be to see Meet Me @ The Altar!

These fresh scene superstars are supporting the rock/alternative pillars, Coheed and Cambria and The Used, for a 15-slot run from August to September 2021. The Houston venue I will be attending is quite large, but it’s an outdoor performing arts center, which helps to put my anxious heart a little more at ease.

I’m very excited for a chance to continue to support Meet Me @ The Altar and I am beyond pumped to play a tiny role in helping them continue to absolutely take over our scene.

Contributor: Elliott
Tour: Bike Theifs Album Release Show

Bike Thiefs Album Release Show

My first show back after Covid will be Bike Thiefs, a three-piece band from Toronto.  They’re playing their album release show at the Monarch Tavern, a great small bar in the Little Italy area of Toronto. 

I especially love going there because when I was growing up, my parents owned a car-parts store around the corner, so it’s nice to head back to the area and grab a veal sandwich or a slice of pizza from the restaurants that have been there forever.  Shout out to the original locations of California Sandwiches, San Francesco Foods and the one and only Bitondo’s Pizzeria.

Contributor: Hannah
Tour: Best Night Ever, One Direction vs Jonas Brothers
Date: July 23, 2021

One Direction vs. Jonas Brothers

My first show back technically isn’t a concert, but on July 23rd I’m attending a One Direction themed DJ night. I turned 21 amidst the pandemic, so there hasn’t been much oppurtunity to go out and celebrate. This is probably not the thing you’d expect to see from someone so versed in the pop-punk sccene, but nonetheless, I can’t wait to dance all night to the best songs ever.

Contributor: Sammi
Tour: The Intercorrupted Tour
Date: August 20, 2021

The Intercorrupted Tour

From constantly going to concerts to not going to any at all really took a toll on me emotionally, but I’m ecstatic to finally get back to my happy place. Awake At Last announced in August they are going on tour with Ra and Redstarr, and I had to get tickets.

I discovered Awake At Last back in 2019, and ever since that first concert I always saw them when they came through the Midwest! They’re some of the nicest, friendliest guys. They’ve given me some of the best memories, especially when they get excited to take pictures with my concert squirrel, Steve.

Contributor: August
Tour: D.I.Y Superbowl
Date: July 8,2021

DIY Super Bowl graphic

On July 8th, I had the absolute pleasure and honor of attending the profound D.I.Y. Super Bowl as my first official show after a year and a half of sitting in my house. It was an absolutely mind-boggling experience at Underground Arts, a sold-out show hosting Guitar Fight from Fooly Cooly, Blue Deputy, Oolong, Ogbert the Nerd, and Carly Cosgrove. If you have even glanced at D.I.Y. Twitter once in the past fourteen months, you’ll understand why this show was an incredibly big deal.

Some of these bands hadn’t ever played for a live audience, let alone a sold out 600-person venue in Philadelphia, one of the hearts of D.I.Y. in America. People traveled over eight hours to witness this historical crossover, one that personally felt more satisfying than anything a superhero franchise could’ve put together.

I’m pretty sure someone even quit their job.

Almost every single person in the venue wore their masks, even as they crowd surfed, fell into mosh pits and started “Walls of Death.” The excitement and energy was palpable all evening — I’ve been going to shows for about 15 years now, but I’ve never experienced one where you could just sense the happiness, the relief and the sense of feeling grateful to simply be a fly on the wall. Thank you, D.I.Y. Super Bowl.

Let us know on Twitter or in the comments which tour you’re looking forward to — maybe we’ll see you there!

Hannah Clough

Twitter: @xMinexIsxGoldx

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