Philly/South Jersey four piece, UgLi are set to self-release their debut album, FUCK, due out June 18, 2021. UgLi stitch together parts of early alternative, gritty grunge and a modern punch of punk to cultivate the unique sound found on the debut album.

UgLi – ‘FUCK’ album cover

Throughout the eight tracks of the effort, UgLi easily transition between mellow alt-rock to fuzzy grunge, to even a bit of power pop here and there. Slow-building tracks “Bad Egg,” “Mourning Coffee” and “Why Be Pretty” start small and deliberate, eventually culminating into a wall of fuzzy guitar work that really emphasizes the band’s ability to build powerhouse anthems.

In contrast to the bold grungy anthems are tracks “When I was In Love” and “Naegleriasis.” The song “When I Was in Love” gives me retro love song vibes from the chilly chorus pedal that crashes through walls of fuzzy grunge at each chorus. The nearly 10-minute-long “Naegleriasis” is a slow and meticulous track that builds into an ethereal culmination that is an absolute show-stopping album closer.  

The gritty guitar is woven within each track of FUCK, but there’s also examples of sharp guitar work, including the mind-blowing solos in “Bad Egg” and “Red Orchids.” Most songs on the album are reminiscent of 90s/2000s alt-rock, but both “House Pet” and “Superball” contain just a touch of bouncy pop punk that will make them the most energetic and highly-anticipated songs to hear at a live show.

Overall, it’s clear to see that UgLi’s alternative roots give them a solid foundation from which their dark pop ballads and gritty power grunge anthems can thrive.

If you’re a fan of any alternative subgenre, be sure to give FUCK a spin when it drops on Friday, June 18 — it may just become your next AOTY contender.  


Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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