Wilmette are set to release their self-titled label debut via Mutant League Records on September 25, 2020. This strong, up-and-coming band draws an influence of sounds ranging from Touché Amoré to The Story So Far and cultivate their own striking compounded identity.

“Show and Tell” opens the album with a nice, hearty scream and fast-paced riffs and lyrics. Wilmette flows seamlessly between heavier hardcore elements to easier, more pop punk vibes. The song slows to an ephemeral transition to the next track “Adderall,” the band’s first single from the album. This song will likely be the end-of-summer, end-of-crush anthem for many this year. My suggestion? Jam this song until you hate it. But good luck because you are sure to get plenty of mileage out of this summer bop before you get tired of it. This track is delightfully interesting from front to back, including tasty drum fills and guitar riffs that are always moving to keep the energy up throughout.

“Close Enough to Closure” includes some playful experimentation of genre-mashing, and I am here for it. I can hear elements of numerous bands; a few that come to mind during my first few listens include Grayscale, Capstan, Four Year Strong, Knuckle Puck and even some old-school The Wonder Years. The absolute monster of a bridge includes a killer breakdown that dissipates into a couple of fun, pop punk hooks. With an array of poppy hooks, metal riffs and an underlying touch of Touché Amoré vocal influence, “Rancho Cucamonga” showcases the expansive musical capabilities of Wilmette.

“Alchemy” is another single that encapsulates the anthem-style vibe that Wilmette is so great at producing. This one is a perfect addition to your fall playlist and if you are a fan of Knuckle Puck or Broadside, I highly recommend you toss this on one.

“All You Are is All You’ll Ever Be” is an outstanding closer for this album. It begins with a solid, hard rock tone and gradually delves deeper and heavier as the track nears the bridge. From here, the song seems to begins anew, again building in intensity and volume until exploding at the crescendo that is the last chorus of the album, which stops abruptly and leaves the listener yearning to click the repeat button.

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Wilmette builds from the foundational pillars of pop punk, fusing elements of pop with the intensity of hardcore, to inspire a uniquely captivating sound. Not only does this album prove that Wilmette have exceptional control of the way they wish for their music to be perceived, but also that they have the ability to convey emotion and establish a true connection with their listeners through their art. This band shows incredible promise and ingenuity within the scene. I’m excited to continue to enjoy this stellar album and I look forward to what the future holds for Chicago band, Wilmette.

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