The Anchor display a variety of vocal and musical styles on new album

Okay, I’ll admit that I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to review the new album by The Anchor, Breathe, due for release October 18, 2019 via Manic Kat Records.  When it was offered, I quickly went onto Spotify and listened to about 30 seconds of their cover of “Kids in America” and liked what I heard.  I’m a fan of loud guitars and drums and the singer sounded good.

I was not prepared for a metal-core album where the lead singer, Linzey Rae, easily transitions from tearing-her-throat-out screaming to melodic singing and back.  I had to find a live video of them on Youtube to see for myself that it was the same person singing both ways.

The Anchor is a five-piece band from Colorado lead by Linzey Rae.  The album is the follow up to their previous EP and the lead-off single, “Through Roses,” was my first introduction to the “real” sound of the The Anchor. The drums are spot on, and the vocals are wonderfully accented by the guitars.

The title track, “Breathe,” is more along the lines of the type of music I usually listen to.  The guitars are clean, the drums are strong and the harmonies are pleasant.  Rae’s vocals are emotional and really bring the listener into the song.

“Lifeline” is probably the most-radio friendly song on the album with it’s poppy feel and danceable beat and a guitar riff that is reminds me of a Canadian band, Big Wreck.

“Of Saying Goodbye” is a quasi-spoken word song filled with gut-wrenching emotion and I really wanted to reach through my speakers to pass Rae a tissue.  It is followed up by a hard-hitting metal song, “Revive,” which I really enjoy experiencing.

Overall, while I am not usually a fan of metal-core music, I really enjoyed this listening to this album; the orchestration is melodic and you can tell the members of the band really know how to play their instruments.  The variety in vocal and musical styles keep it exciting and will help the band gain fans across multiple genres of music.  At risk of sounding cliché, it has a little bit for everybody.

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