Album review: State Faults – ‘Clairvoyant’

State Faults return from their six-year hiatus with their new album Clairvoyant, out via No Sleep Records on June 21, 2019. The album consists of fast, energetic guitars with heavy downbeats and powerful vocals from Jonny Andrew, all of which make the message clear: the world needs to be more open minded and it needs peace and love.

Each song on the album pays homage to the overall message of peace and acceptance, but the song that incapsulates the message most would be “Olive Tree.” This song has a softer introduction, over the others with the heavier introductions; it’s a break for the listener before delving into what State Faults is known for. “Olive Tree” has the peaceful introduction and then has the powerhouse vocals from Andrew.

My first listen through, “Funeral Teeth,” intrigued me and stuck with me because of its diverse musical stylings and the lyrics that accompanied it. The first attention grabber was the title, but after listening through it, the instrumentation made me feel angry, but an accepting angry. The strong vocals from Andrew were layered well over the instrumentation, making it an experience that was unforgettable.

After my second and third listen through I felt emotionally connected to “Sleeplessness.” I thought the heavy verses made the soft chorus more impactful and that’s what affected me most with the song. It is a track anyone can connect to, whether they’ve laid awake at night questioning themselves or have ever felt uneasy about an aspect of their lives. The lyrics were reminiscent of times I’ve laid awake at night questioning anything and everything and this song will be held near and dear to my heart because it reminded me of those times, which through this song I reflect on.

Overall, this album is for anyone who needs to feel; there are many emotions packed into the 11 songs and each one can evoke a something different in all of us. From insecurity to love, each track hits hard with its emotion-filled lyrics and complimentary instrumentation.

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Sammi Mika

Twitter: @SammiMika

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