Album review: *repeat repeat – ‘Glazed’

I love music.  And I like it heavy.  I love being the guy who brings that heavy balance to Spinning Thoughts and turns the volume up to 11.  It’s who I am and I embrace that.  That’s why you may be surprised to learn that I am a HUGE fan of Nashville’s *repeat repeat.

I first met the band three years ago when a band I play in (with a certain stud of a podcast host) had the opportunity to open for them.  I hadn’t heard of *repeat repeat, but I made it a point to check them out in advance of the show.  The first track I stumbled upon was “Chemical Reaction” and to this day is probably still my favorite tune from the band.  Their sound was unique – a two-vocalist approach (husband and wife team, Jared and Kristyn) that possesses an obvious synergy and a stage presence that blows you away.  It was one of the best shows I have ever been to.  Everything about it screamed fun.

In fact, fun is the best word I can use to describe *repeat repeat.  Their songs have a light, summer-vibe making the release of Glazed, out now via Dangerbird Records, nothing short of perfection.  From the intro of “Hi, I’m Waiting” I knew Glazed wasn’t going to disappoint.  The drum beat puts a smile on my face and my foot was tapping even before the signature synthesizer and amazing harmonies came into play.  The vocal work blends so well together and is simply mesmerizing.

“Apocalyptic” reminds me of early Foo Fighters with the subdued vocals that build over a simple punk-like chorus with group callback chants that are engaging and fun, which are sure to go over well live.  The bass work on this track (and really the whole album) stands out and gives the song a nice pop.

My favorite track on the album is “Pressure.”  It has a heavy groove that just makes me want to dance.  The heavy riffs that come in over subdued vocals in the verse are a nice touch.  The bridge of this track is one of the biggest standout moments for me with haunting hollow vocal harmonies and a slow build up back to the end of the song.  Another track that grabs my attention is “I Could Hear My Heart Beating.”  This song is uptempo and is the most obvious vocal duet on the album throughout.  The guitar solo to close out the track is another huge moment that really sets Glazed apart.

There are some really fun moments that are classic *repeat repeat on this album as well.  Songs like “Fortunate One” and “Woke With You” have the surf rock vibes that brought the band into focus.  The album was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, who shared the road with *repeat repeat this spring and there are hints of the garage rock mixing and sound quality that make Glazed as authentic as a *repeat repeat show.

If you aren’t familiar with our good friends in *repeat repeat do yourself, and your summer picnics. a favor by blasting Glazed on repeat (repeat) all summer and check out Jared’s appearances on Spinning Thoughts below.

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Jay Matthey

Twitter: @JBoneBass

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