New Years Day – ‘Unbreakable’

New Years Day is back and ready to release their fourth studio album Unbreakable April 26, 2019 via RED MUSIC.  Their last release, 2015’s Malevolence, climbed to 45 on the Billboard 200 and really started the breakthrough for the band.  Unbreakable is set to release fresh off an extended tour of badass, heavy female-fronted bands with In This Moment and Halestorm.

Unbreakable is the band’s best work to date.  The album has something for everyone, combining heavy riffs and chilling vocals with driving bass and drum lines as well as some elements of hip hop, pop and EDM.  After several listens, I am positive this album is going to be huge for the California natives.


The pre-released singles are unique and have seen relative success.  “Skeletons” has been around for what seems like ages at this point.  It is a great track that features a catchy, aggressive chorus that is easy to sing along to and a hollow, melodic verse that highlights lead singer Ash Costello’s amazing voice.  “Shut Up” is an incredibly diverse track with a strong pop/EDM vibe that absolutely explodes in the chorus.

My favorite track on the record may be the opener “Come For Me,” as I believe this track highlights what New Years Day does best.  From the opening riff I could tell this song was going to be heavy and aggressive.  Costello has absolutely haunting vocals throughout, at times subtle and beautiful, but contrast with heavy, aggressive screams.  The breakdown has a hollow a capella vocal that gives me chills every time.  Another track along this vein is “Done With You,”  blasting with heavy, deep riffs and the same haunting vocals.

“Sorry Not Sorry” may be the heaviest song on the album.  The riffs are solid and driving with larger-than-life hooks, making this one destined for hard rock radio success.  “Nocturnal” features riffs that are bass driven and at times heavy.  The vocals create a chilling dissonance with an over-the-top chorus that is so catchy, considering how heavy the song is.  It also showcases Costello’s heavy vocals, though used sparingly throughout the album, that are memorable and incredibly powerful.

“Unbreakable” gives another incredible vocal performance that may be just a notch above the rest of the album.  The track is a little slower and stripped back but highlights Costello’s range and unique style.  “Poltergeist” is another slow track with very little instrumentation behind the vocals, putting the focus back on the pipes of the frontwoman.  This may be the simplest song on the album, but it’s also the catchiest.  “My Monsters” follows the trend of limited tracking behind the vocals during the verses then unexpectedly explodes into a huge and memorable chorus, unlike the other stripped back tracks on the record.

“MissUnderstood” excels at combining the hip hop/pop-esque beats with a heavy feel.  The deep, long-tone bass blends into a feverish double bass line on the drums in the chorus that is unlike anything I have heard before.  “Break My Body” is another track with a distinctive beat that drives the song along.  I found myself getting lost in the groove of it as the beat pushed forward in a powerful way.  The album’s final track relies on a combination of drums and bass to push the track forward for a strong finish.

New Years Day is making a huge statement with this release.  The vocal work is unmatched with heavy, aggressive instrumentation that flirts with experimental concepts, all while staying true to the past success of the band.  Do not miss Unbreakable when it drops on Friday April 26.  In the meantime, check out “Skeletons,” “Shut Up,” and my personal favorite “Come For Me” on your favorite streaming platform now!

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Jay Matthey

Twitter: @JBoneBass

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