Heavensake – ‘Post-Chroma’

Heavensake is set to drop their new EP Post-Chroma on March 22, and while the band has evolved following their debut EP Deforme, they maintain the same heaviness with their guitar riffs, balanced by the smooth vocal tone of Mikey Lince. The angst and emotional heaviness is apparent, but with new lyrically complex songs.

Post-Chroma touches on real issues people deal with. The obscure song titles leave the listener to wonder what each track is all about. “Bleach” and “L’appel Du Vide” are examples of this and also have some of the deepest lyrical content. The entire EP flows well from the first song to the last, with the emotion carrying throughout.

Out of all the songs on the EP, the most defiant may be “If you are a god, then I’m an Atheist.” The instrumentals are the driving force, leaving Lince’s vocals to carry through from verse to verse. Where the vocals drop off, the guitars push forward.  The yearning to forget someone who meant so much to you could resonate with a lot of people. Memories are ingrained with us, whether we want to forget them or not. Someone who has left will never truly be gone due to the memories we carry with us.

“Bleach,” the second song off the EP, connected with me most. The soft vocal opening drew me in before the guitars took over and Lince’s voice slides into the angsty tone the song requires. The vocals and guitars clash in the right way, fighting for dominance, with not a single lyric losing its impact.  This song is for those who have felt emotionally drained from a break up and want to forget everything that happened, whether good or bad.

This EP is the representation pop punk needs. The lyrics, guitars, bold vocals and angst sum it all up. Post-Chroma is an emotionally charged EP from beginning to end and is for anyone that feels trapped in their own head or is dealing with the emotional toll from a failed relationship.


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