Badflower – ‘OK, I’M SICK’

I must admit, I’ve been patiently waiting for this one for a long time. On February 22 Badflower released their new album, OK, I’M SICK via Big Machine Records / John Varvatos Records. The first two pre-released singles had been circulating for a while and both piqued my interest.

“Ghost“ is an incredibly powerful track that moves me very deeply. You can see a detailed breakdown of my thoughts on that song here. “Heroin” is another very powerful, almost ballad-esque track that reminds me of 90s alternative with that slow, melancholy feel.

“x ANA x” is a really cool jam out song.  The bass lines are tight during the verses and there is a lot of musicianship on display with the unison riffs. The breakdown is a powerful spoken word about mental health that conveys anxiety to the fullest extent.

“Promise Me” is my favorite track on the record. The song is reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World and gives me that grungy feeling while still being poppy and upbeat.  “Die” is the heaviest track on the album. It’s an anti-Trump protest, which gets my attention on its own, but musically it reminds me of late My Chemical Romance with the creepy harmonized vocals and heavy riffs.


“Murder Games” is another stand out track with heavy, explosive riffs that come out of nowhere from an otherwise subtle tune. “Girlfriend“ is a song that shines with star power showcasing big pop riffs and an overall fun vibe.

After hearing interviews with the band I’d be lying if I didn’t say I expected OK, I’M SICK to be a little more heavy. But where the album didn’t have loud, heavy riffs it certainly delivered with intensity. The vocals and lyrical work showcased are absolutely exceptional and musically this is a solid album with a great message loaded with emotion, perspective and meaning.

Catch Badflower on tour starting this June supporting Shinedown on their “Attention Attention” tour with special guests Dinosaur Pile-Up and Broken Hands.

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Jay Matthey

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