AOTY: Whitney Shoemaker

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Whitney Shoemaker | Contributor

Top 10 EPs

10. Mike ShinodaPost Traumatic
Standout track: “Over Again”

9. heyohwellIn Case You’re Wondering
Standout track: “Pastel Girls”

8. MidfieldHappy Thoughts
Standout track: “False Start”

7. Alteras – Myself On Fire 
Standout track: “Best Mistake”

6. GoalkeeperBad Times Don’t Last
Standout track: “Nothing At All”

5. From States AwayI Swear This Light Won’t Fade
Standout track: “Stalling Out”

4. NekokatPleasure Beach
Standout track: “Board It Up”

3. The Ready SetV1
Standout track: “Life in Pink”

4. iDKHOW1981 Extended Play
Standout track: “Choke”

1. FRNDBefore U I Didn’t Exist
Standout track: “If It Hurts”

Top Ten Albums

10. As It IsThe Great Depression
Standout track: “The Fire, The Dark”

9. Oh, WeatherlyLips Like Oxygen
Standout track: “I Think I Want You”

8. Mayday ParadeSunnyland
Standout track: “Piece Of Your Heart”

7. Panic! At The DiscoPray For The Wicked
Standout track: “Dying in LA”

6. Tonight AliveUnderworld
Standout track: “Just For Now”

5. Real FriendsComposure
Standout track: “From The Outside”

4. State ChampsLiving Proof
Standout track: “Our Time To Go”

3. The Word AliveViolent Noise
Standout track: “I Don’t Mind”

2. ICE NINE KILLSThe Silver Scream
Standout track: “A Grave Mistake”

1. BeartoothDisease
Standout track: “Clever”

What are your thoughts on Whitney’s Top Ten Albums of 2018?
Let her know on Twitter: @WhitneyXPaxton

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Whitney Shoemaker

Twitter: @WhitneyXPaxton

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