AOTY: Tyra Brunz

Spinning Thoughts is proud of the music diversity found throughout the many contributors on the team. With each AOTY list shared, we hope to encourage a dialog that inspires the sharing of music with others. Let us know what your Top Ten Albums of 2018 are on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

Tyra Brunz | Contributor

10. Homesafe –  One

Favorite tracks: “Run” | “Suits and “Ties”

9. Tiny Moving Parts – Swell

Favorite tracks: “Applause” | “Caution”

8. Boston Manor – Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Favorite tracks: “Bad Machine” | “England’s Dreaming”

7. Belmont – Belmont

Favorite tracks: “Pushing Daisies” | “Interlude”

6. Riley! – Riley!

Favorite tracks: “Fight Milk!” | “Americas Pabstime”

5. The Story So Far – Proper Dose

Favorite Tracks: “Keep This Up” | “Proper Dose”

4. Can’t Swim – This Too Won’t Pass

Favorite tracks: “What Have We Done?” | Malicious 44″

3. Hot Mulligan – Pilot

Favorite tracks: “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?” | “The Soundtrack To Missing A Slam Dunk”

2. Trash Boat – Crown Shyness

Favorite tracks: “Old Soul” | “Shade”

1. Graduating Life – Grad Life

Favorite tracks: “Stinky Man” | :Family Reunion”

Honorable mentions: Real Friends – Composure | Bearings – Blue in the Dark | Nothing, Nowhere. – ruiner | As It Is – The Great Depression | Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping | McCafferty – Yarn | Save Face – Merci | Mom Jeans. – Puppy Love | Heavy Things –Glimpse

What are your thoughts on Tyra’s Top Ten Albums of 2018? Let her know on Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra!

TAGS: Homesafe | Tiny Moving Parts | Boston Manor | Belmont | Riley! | The Story So Far | Can’t Swim | Hot Mulligan | Trash Boat | Graduating Life

Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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