Midnight Endeavor drops new single, exclusive interview

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Midnight Endeavor is a four-piece pop rock band with 80’s influence from Charleston, North Carolina. The group comprises of Joshua Davenport, William Mahoney, Logan Crank, and Brennan Clark. Their new single, Friends”, released September 15th. The track was produced/engineered by Elliot Elsey at Truphonic Recording and was mastered by Robin Schmidt – who’s most known for mastering tracks for Brit-pop legends, The 1975.

“It’s a very spiteful sounding song, but covered in a pop progression,” says vocalist Joshua Davenport. “Friends” is the second single to follow their May release, “Beds”, with more on the way soon.

Interview with Midnight Endeavor’s vocalist/guitarist, Joshua Davenport:

ST: How did Midnight Endeavor come together and get its start?
JD: Midnight actually started with me writing songs in my bedroom before I had even met any of the guys, the songs I was busy writing eventually become the first few songs to spark what midnight is now and is becoming, after I had written a few songs I hit up Logan who I hadn’t seen or played with since middle school, who at first turned me down to play. But eventually with the help of William who is now our lead guitar player, we convinced Logan to join. Me and will met through Logan and we just clicked immediately. Will actually joined the band playing bass, but after realizing we needed another guitar player, will hopped over to guitar and that’s when Brennan comes in, Brennan and will know each other from college and was wills first choice for a new bass player. Brennan has become such an asset to our group, without him our bass lines wouldn’t be as catchy.

ST: What do you hope to accomplish with this release in 2018?
JD: We’d just like to make good music our listeners can relate to, we’re one of the only bands in our hometown to have an alternative pop sound and we’d really like to change that for Charleston and appease to all the listeners who don’t get to see live pop music like they could in some other town.

ST: Were there any people outside the band that were crucial to the creation of this single?
JD: Of course, all of our songs come from experiences we’ve had, this is so cliché but lyrically “Friends” wouldn’t have happened without a girl that annoyed me to the point of insanity. And without the help of our studio engineer and co-producer Elliott Elsey “Friends” would sound way different, we really look forward to making an album with him.

ST: Favorite memory as a band so far?
JD: That’s a hard question to answer, there’s been a lot of good times. But if I had to pick I’d say our first out of state show in Chattanooga. That was our first experience as a band together in another state, it was a wild night for all of us, We can’t wait to do it again.

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