Highdive – ‘Forget I Called’

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Highdive, hailing from the great state of Texas, self-released their debut album Forget I Called in May of this year. The 8-track album boasts melodies worth moving your head to, relatable lyrics, and an overall aesthetic that warrants your attention.

The album opens with a voicemail in which the frustrated caller utters the titular phrase,  “Forget I Called.” The second track, “Smile and Wave” follows with a catchy little riff that establishes a sort of hesitant vibe with the palm mutes, then blasts into its high-energy pre-chorus and chorus that is worthy of the heartiest of head bobs.

Even with all the electric energy in this track, the song is still able to retain a certain bittersweet/melancholy feel that blends well with the relatable, jaded lyrics. This first song on the record is emotionally fulfilling and hurts in all the best ways, creating a great introduction to this wonderful Houston band for new fans, opening up the door for listeners to prepare for an incredibly relatable album.

As we move through the rest of this album listeners are taken on a bustling journey, experiencing first-hand the exhilaration of new love, the power of finding the courage to end negative or toxic relationships, and even the throes of pain and heartbreak when things don’t work out as expected.

I would like to point out the particularly outstanding storytelling showcased throughout the entire album. Listening to “The Deep End,” we learn the lyricist has recently realized their current relationship isn’t as healthy as it should be and seeks to end it. The track starts with a slow, emotional intro that suddenly turns into a catchy riff with the cheeky lyrical hook “I’ve always wanted to say this.” It builds into an explosive chorus that will surely become a favorite for those of us who have ever experienced an unhealthy relationship.

In the track “Remember When We Left Texas”, listeners are offered a portrait of a memory in which a romantic trip was shared with a special someone. While this song is considerably slower than the rest of the album, it is still full to the brim with seemingly positive lyrics coupled with a sort of bittersweet tone.

Highdive slowly moves listeners out of the blissful spell created by the sounds of RWWLT with the next song, “Nightmare.” This track contains some fun bass and twinkley guitar between really deliberate and powerful choruses that contain poignant and disheartened lyrics. Ultimately though, listeners are shown a glimmer of optimistic hope with lines like “I know you’re out there waiting” suggesting that our captivating writer seems interested in moving on from despair and is hopeful in eventually finding a love that will last forever.

“Urban Camper” and “Hold the Door” both seem to revolve around the idea of growing and moving on. Listeners follow the narrative: being hung up on a love, the realization that the feeling is no longer reciprocated, and finally being able to accept the situation and begin to mend and move on. Highdive blends impactful, bittersweet riffs with lyrical references to the memories and heartbreak illustrated in the album’s earlier tracks. Many lyrics are reminiscent of “yesterday” and highlights the fact that human relationships are dynamic, are always changing, and that it is normal for people to fall in and out of love. To me, this is a poignant reminder to soak up each moment you can because happiness is fleeting, so do what you can to embrace and celebrate the positive things in your life. 

Highdive’s debut album is a tightly cohesive and well-executed piece of art. It takes the listener along a very real commentary of navigating the trials and tribulations of building relationships as a young adult, focusing on human connections being forged and broken, love lost and finding the courage to end toxicity. More than anything, it allows listeners to connect with others experiencing similar growing pains and maybe feel just a little less alone in whatever challenges they may be facing.  

I am really looking forward to see what Highdive’s promising future holds for the music community.

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