Album Review: Stringer – ‘My Bad’


A 13-song album releases on Friday the 13th. Count me in.

Stringer, the four-piece New York City outfit, released their debut full-length album My Bad July 13 via Wiretap Records. The album boasts an eclectic 13 songs that are relatable, colorful, and intriguing.

During my initial spin of the album, “Abergain” was a track that really caught my attention. The song establishes an immediate melancholy vibe that quickly dissipates with intricate, clean guitar riffs, only to return to that feeling throughout the rest of the song. The track also includes a breakdown of dance-like rhythms with a slick synth making an appearance in the background. 

Many tracks off My Bad seem to take detours throughout the song, creating an interesting dichotomy that works, and works well. The album is unique. There is an intentional grit that feels real and purposeful. I respect the diversity found in each song, creating a dynamic collection of music.

Prior to the release of My Bad, the band supported the album with a music video for their single, “Ghosts”. Directed by Chris Elia, the video was shot on the streets of NYC and features cameos from their friends in the So So Glos and others.

According to a press release we received regarding the video, “in the wake of a sustained and soused misadventure, the Stringer crew takes a trip down memory lane and experiences the joys of Chinese food and aromatic hydrocarbons in an industrial park on the South Brooklyn waterfront.”

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What are your thoughts on the new album My Bad from Stringer out now via Wiretap Records? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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