Album Review: Real Friends – ‘Composure’


The distinct sound Real Friends have been developing since their inception continues to grow on their latest effort entitled Composure which is due for release via Fearless Records on July 13th, 2018.

Musically, this record is the most refined of any Real Friends’ release, while lyrically this ten-track collection faces lead singer Dan Lambton’s challenges with mental health head on and unashamedly.  “From the outside I seem fine / On the inside I’m still sick / The pill is a temporary fix” wails Lambton on Composure’s lead single “From the Outside”.

Lambton’s superb songwriting talents, evidenced on tracks such as “Hear What You Want” and the album’s title track “Composure”, paired with the strong musicianship of Real Friends hopefully serve as a cathartic outlet in the midst of the challenges.

If anything, these songs are a testament to the fact that Lambton will not let the gloom that he battles win, thereby giving hope to the many who find themselves grappling with the same demons. As closing track “Take A Hint” proclaims: “We’ll swing safely through the dark and carry on.”


TAGS: Real Friends | Fearless Records

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