Album Review: The Get Up Kids – ‘Kicker’


A lot can happen in 23 years.  Blink-182 once said nobody likes you at that point.  This is the furthest thing from the truth for Kansas City, Missouri natives The Get Up Kids.

Since their formation in 1995 the emo pioneers have spent countless years at their craft and have inspired a new generation in the process.  The latest EP from The Get Up Kids entitled Kicker due for release on June 8th, 2018 via Polyvinyl Records will appeal to both scene veterans and newcomers alike.

“Better This Way” brings an energy to the EP that indicates The Get Up Kids are far from finished.  Each of the synth-heavy tracks found on Kicker are obviously the beneficiaries of years of experience, as is each listener.

Opening track “Maybe” is the highlight of the effort, as the vocals of lead singer Matt Pryor present a comfortable familiarity for longtime fans while not sounding faded or nostalgic.

“After all that we’ve been through…there’s still more work to do” it proclaims.  And so The Get Up Kids continue to move forward, and thank God they do.  For like a fine wine, they have aged well.

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