Photo Spotlight: X Ambassadors

Good things really do come to those who wait. I’ve been trying to photograph an X Ambassadors show for around three years. It was definitely worth the wait because it was such a perfect show!

The Aces


The Aces opened up the night. They are an all girl indie pop band and they rock!


The Utah-native band gave off such a unique vibe while on stage. They reminded me of summer. They have the perfect music to listen to during a drive on a cool summer day.


After seeing them perform, the fact that The Aces had just put out their debut album surprised me! Where have they been and why are they now just putting out an album! They are extremely talented and put out an awesome piece of work, so make sure you jam it soon.


Son Little


I was pleasantly surprised by Son Little.


Son Little’s music falls into the R&B/Soul genres. I usually don’t listen to that kind of music, but that might change! I really enjoyed their set.


Their set was filled with dark red, blue, and purple lights. It was a little challenging to photograph, but the lighting really matched the aesthetic of their music.


X Ambassadors


The audience’s passion for this band and their music was evident from the second the house lights went down.


Once on stage, the band mimicked the energy and passion.


They started off the set with one of their newer songs “Ahead of Myself.” The lights were bright and the energy was happy, despite the song not having the happiest meaning to it.


There was a trio of backup vocalist which I thought was a super cool aspect to the show.


The whole band was so full of energy. They were all dancing and jumping around the stage.


While writing this spotlight, I learned that X Ambassador’s keyboardist, Casey Harris, is legally blind. You would have never known with how he was dancing around while playing the keys. It’s incredibly inspiring that this isn’t standing in between him and his music!



After this show, I have even more love and respect for this band. I’m looking forward to the next time I can see them perform. If you have a chance to get to one of their shows, drop everything and run to it!

*All photos credited to Angela Rose

TAGS: X Ambassadors | The Aces | Son Little

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