Photo Spotlight: Jule Vera

On March 29th I travelled to Nashville to see Jule Vera open for Don Broco, I The Mighty, and Our Last Night. I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph Jule Vera’s set but had to shoot from the crowd, which is something I’ve never really had to do before.

Challenge accepted.

Jule Vera came out on the stage ready to put on a show. They had the crowd going by the end of the first song.


The band showcased songs like “Show Me”, “Porch Swing,” and “Bad Company” off of their most recent album, Waiting on the Sun. They looked like they were having a blast the entire time they were on stage.


Jule Vera also played some old music, though not as much as I would have preferred.  “Scarlet Letter” was the only song played off their first album and it was amazing live.  More music from their earlier works would have been nice; however, there is only so much you can do with a seven song setlist.  I still have to give them props for their song selection.


The first time I saw Jule Vera, I noticed some opportunities to enhance their stage presence. This time around, I was blown away by how much this had improved.


Even though this tour is now over, I highly recommend going to see Jule Vera live in concert if you ever get the chance.


After Jule Vera, Don Broco hit the stage – let me tell you, they put on a show I will never forget. It’s honestly shocking they aren’t bigger by now. From start to finish, it was like a never-ending party.

I The Mighty came next and were great. They kept the energy Jule Vera and Don Broco started and got the crowd pumped for Our Last Night. They were entertaining to watch and played a good mix of both new and old music.

When Our Last Night hit the stage, the crowd went wild. Between their new music, old music, and covers of “Shape of You” and “1-800-273-8255” the crowd was on their feet and having a blast until the very end of their set.

If you missed this tour, you missed a great lineup. I wish I could have gone to more dates, but no matter what, this tour was one for the books.

*All photos credited to Skylar Cleland

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