Album Review: Stuck Out — You Won’t Come Home

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It is a travesty that Melbourne, Australia’s Stuck Out are one of the best kept secrets in the scene.  Hopefully their forthcoming EP You Won’t Come Home being released on February 9th via Greyscale Records will change that.

You Won’t Come Home is a very strong collection of pop-punk tracks that build on the energy of 2016’s What We’ve Come To Be.  Lead single “Fade Away” has a bit of an eerie vibe that sets it apart from the other songs found on You Won’t Come Home.

The EP’s second single “Self Doubt”, which features Jake Wilson of fellow Aussies Between You And Me, is replete with the pop-punk hooks that situate Stuck Out alongside bands such as Hold Close and Knuckle Puck who do pop-punk and do it well.

Having established themselves well “Down Under”, with this latest release Stuck Out can look forward to the rest of world taking further notice of the talent they display here.

You can still preorder You Won’t Come Home, or get your hands on it when it drops tomorrow, here.

Have you preordered the upcoming EP from Stuck Out? Are you a fan of the band? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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