Concert Review: Neck Deep and special guests

Last Friday Speak Low if You Speak Love, Creeper, Seaway, and Neck Deep came to Atlanta, Georgia. I had the privilege of attending and photographing the show.

Speak Low If You Speak Love


Speak Low kicked things off and it was my first time seeing this band play live. I was expecting their performance to be more acoustic than anything but they surprised me and had a very upbeat set, playing both new and old material.


Speak Low was a great way to start off the show, as they got everyone ready for some amazing music. Their set was dynamic and interesting to watch. I can’t wait until they headline their own tour because their set was much too short.



I had heard of Creeper but never seen them live nor really listened to their music before this show and to be honest, they impressed me. They have a sound that is very reminiscent of My Chemical Romance that I absolutely love.


I’ve never been to a show where a circle pit was already going strong by the middle of the second opener’s set, but Creeper proved that it was possible.


Creeper had an amazing stage presence and no matter where you were looking on the stage, you were entertained.


It’s safe to say that Creeper gained more than a few fans at this show. I know they’re making their way into my favorite playlists already.



Seaway is a hot topic in the music scene. They cancelled their own tour to join this lineup, and I’m glad they did.


Seaway was a lot of fun to watch. They made you want to jump around from the first song to the last.


Seaway killed it on stage. They all looked like they were having a blast, which made everyone in the crowd have even more fun. I had an incredible experience photographing Seaway. They all did something interesting on stage and it was amazing to be able to capture how much fun they were having.


Neck Deep

As great as the openers were, Neck Deep was the final act to hit the stage and they were just as amazing as they always are. They started the show the same way they ended it: with a high level of energy.


As always, Neck Deep came out and gave 110%. They left it all on the stage and gave the fans the best show they could.


From the very start of their set, fans were crowd surfing and the circle pits were going strong, which is exactly what the band wanted.


This tour is in support of their most recent album, The Peace and the Panic, but they played some old hits as well. It was a dynamic show and we saw both new and old Neck Deep in the course of an hour and a half.


The stage design that Neck Deep had was one of my favorite aspects of the show. Their lighting and smoke effects made it even more exciting than it already was.


As always, Neck Deep put on an amazing performance. They ended the show telling the fans that they’d be back really soon. I think I speak for every Neck Deep fan when I say I hope they meant it. This show was my first for 2018 and it was one for the books.


What are your thoughts on this incredible tour? Have you attended a show or plan to? What band on this lineup is your favorite? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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