Show Review: Boston Manor in Toronto, Canada


Sharing their name with a tube stop on the London Underground, Boston Manor’s international rise has been immense over the span of approximately 365 days.  First arriving on North American shores in the fall of 2016 as relative unknowns to Canadians and Americans, Boston Manor knew the importance of staying humble and took the opening spot on a tour with Broadside, Rarity and Like Pacific.  While the band was well-received, and the occasional die-hard was at these shows, most were hearing Boston Manor for the first time.

Fast-forward six months to March of 2017 and Boston Manor had seen their North American fanbase expand when they returned as the second band on a four-band bill.  As they returned again to North America this past October and November as main support for Have Mercy after being on the Warped Tour throughout the summer of 2017, it has become obvious that Boston Manor’s ascent within the scene has been rapid.  At their recent show in Toronto, Canada no longer were only a handful of people aware of them and their dynamic pop-punk approach, the floor shook with emotion as numerous stage-divers launched themselves into the crowd and both those fervently jamming in the front and those chilling in the back sang the lyrics of the songs from their friends ‘across the pond’.

“It’s been amazing,” says guitarist Michael Cunniff.  “It’s really great to see the same people coming back and watching us.  It definitely feels like we are playing so far away from home but we’re at home in a way.  It’s really nice”.

While Cunniff and his bandmates, brother Dan Cunniff (bass), Ash Wilson (guitar), Jordan Pugh (drums), and Henry Cox (vocals) have cemented their presence in North America, Boston Manor continues to grow in their homeland as well.  They played some of their biggest shows to date this past May at the revered Slam Dunk Festival.  Somehow amidst all of the time on the road, the band has also begun work on the follow up to their debut full length album Be Nothing on Pure Noise Records.  Featuring the singles “Laika” and “Lead Feet”, the accessible yet assertive sound of Boston Manor continues to appeal to more and more and bodes well for the future as fans eagerly await their sophomore full-length record.

Boston Manor’s love for their friends in Canada was very apparent as they took the stage in Toronto.  Their set included guest vocal appearances by Jordan Black of Like Pacific on “Burn You Up” and Corbin Giroux of Rarity on “Cu”.  Cox was also quick to acknowledge the indispensable work of their tour manager, Canadian Griffin Elliott.  Boston Manor’s recent Toronto show was an indication of just how far they have come in the space of one year.  The last 365 days have been an undeniable success both at home and abroad for the British quintet — and this is just the beginning.

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