I The Mighty — Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let It Go

Holy crap, where to begin?! On August 25th, I The Mighty had tweeted “We’re back. Stay tuned”. Little did we know, the next couple days they’d reveal some really cool news! Fast forward a couple days to the band revealing they had started a Facebook community page called “Official I The Mighty Community”, which is used for discussing topics and making new friends. Of course, being a fan of theirs for years, I jumped on this! A few days later, the band released info on their fourth full-length album Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go, releasing on October 20th. In that same timeframe, they dropped their fall headlining tour dates (VIP dates, too) and a new video “Silver Tongue” featuring Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance!

Fans were super excited for Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go after hearing their first single with Tilian. Following “Silver Tongue” came the release of their second single “Chaos in Motion”, which had some fans questioning the direction I The Mighty was taking. Being a little different from their older music, fans were not sure how to feel. A few days after “Chaos in Motion” was dropped I The Mighty dropped another song, their third single, “Where the Mind Wants to Go”. The third single showed fans they aren’t losing their roots, just adding in some new twists! Now to jump into a couple of my favorite songs from the album.

A newer sounding song that caught my attention was “Sleepwalker“. The lyrics truly stuck out to me/hit home and that’s why this song is one of my favorites. Although it’s not too far from their older sound, it’s enough to show their transformation between albums. I’d personally recommend this song as it may help you realize a lot about yourself or a current situation you are trying to overcome. To follow up a favorite new sounding song, on to a new song with an old sound.

“Symphony of Skin” is the perfect example of what I The Mighty has always brought to the table. Kicking off with an awesome upbeat tune, which plays throughout the song, you’ll find it reminiscent of a couple of songs from their previous album, Connector. Although I loved their previous album, and it would be hard to top, I think this song has some really amazing touches. “Symphony of Skin” is a great song for jamming if you want some kinda older sounding I The Mighty!

Overall I think Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go is a fresh take on their older sound, with a dash of new throughout. With older sounding songs like “Where the Mind Wants To Go” and a little slower ones to pull your heart strings like “Where You Let it Go”, this album truly has a song for every mood you are feeling!

‘Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let It Go’ from I The Mighty available October 20, 2017

I The Mighty is kicking off their fall headlining tour in San Francisco, California. They will be supported by Hail The Sun (will not be at the October 28st  or November 10th date) and Good Tiger (will not be at the October 21st date). I truly recommend going out to support their set — very nice guys and it’ll be a great show! But as always, I hope you enjoyed the read and keep coming back for more album reviews!

Where the Mind Wants to Go USA Tour Poster. Credit: I The Mighty

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