Next Year’s End — Faceless

Written by Maya Fletcher

Yo! I’m Maya Fletcher and I’m from the wonderful country of England which is so far away from my faves in Next Year’s End, but hey ho i’ll survive! Music always holds such an inspiration for me, it’s such a powerful tool that we have in today’s world. My lifestyle just enforces the love I have for music and bands such as NYE. The escape that music and concerts give me is just breathtaking and life changing.

I heard of Next Year’s End about 9 months ago while randomly scrolling through Twitter and just decided to check out their spotify and stuff. I really got into the band over a few weeks and since then I’ve just been obsessed with all their music and the amazing personalities in the band. I’ve introduced quite a few people to this band, including my dad (but the DM’s between him and the band are another story :P).

This band, without even knowing it, saved my life. Without going into too much depth, I’m your average girl who just happens to struggle with two mental illnesses. Music has always helped my through it and once I found this band I felt so much happier within myself and also so much more confident with my singing. So, if you don’t know who Next Year’s End is, I’m just gonna introduce them a little!

NYE is a band from Atlanta, Georgia in the US of A! I wouldn’t really know what genre to identify them as so you’ll have to check them out yourself and let me know, aha. The four members are Tommy Oakley (Guitarist and Vocals) Kyle Ryan Busch (Bassist), Jordy Quinn (Drummer) and Davis McMakin (Guitarist). They all seem a little strange but trust me, they’re worth getting to know and to give their tunes a little listen. They currently have two EPs out and three singles, but I’m here to talk about their latest EP ‘Faceless’, so let’s get started!

The EP starts with a sort of mini song which is just labeled as “Intro”. It gives a quick insight into the EP in just 37 seconds, and it also runs straight into the first full song “You’re Not Welcome”. All the songs have their own crisp sound and even at times they may sound similar, but they all give off a fresh vibe and each brings about a certain feel and dance moves.

The whole EP has me dancing just seconds into the intro. Each song gives out it’s own message and in its own way, which just makes this whole EP stand out to me. No matter how many times I listen, I never get bored! Each song has its own personal meaning to me, which may not be what was in mind when NYE wrote them. Each song is catchy and amazing all in its own way, but don’t take my word for it — go check it out for yourself!

One theme I get from this EP is that everyone is fighting their own battles and no matter what you can fight through, even if “You’re Not Welcome anymore” 😉 Overall, the album has such a mixture of lyrical and instrumental talent that creates such a memorable EP. From start to finish, I found myself captured by the songs I was hearing, and I continue to enjoy it with each play through.

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