Green Screen Kid — The Mastermind

Written by Josie Wilant

Hello! My name is Josie, I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Iowa, USA. I am a huge music fan who hopes on starting a band and making music of my own. I started to gain a real interest in music when I was about 12 when I stumbled across the beautiful genre that is Pop-Punk. I have been obsessed with it ever since. Thanks to Twitter and other social media I have been given the opportunity to talk, meet, and discover so many other people who share my love of music and the dream of making their own: including (and especially) the band Green Screen Kid.

Green Screen Kid first followed me on twitter roughly three years ago and I have been supporting the guys ever since. What first got me interested in Green Screen Kid was that they were from Wisconsin. See, unlike a lot of other parts of the US, you really never hear about bands coming out of the Midwest unless they’re from big cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, etc. (the only exception being country music bands and artists). The fact that there was this band that had influences like All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Set It Off, etc. that was making music and was in a nearby state, I just knew that I should support them. I was hooked when I watched their cover of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “Don’t Stop” — not just because of the music, but because the video is so funny! Don’t Stop — 5 Seconds of Summer (Cover by Green Screen Kid)

After being a fan for three years and traveling three hours (one time even four hours) to see Green Screen Kid play live, it’s a safe bet to say that I would do almost anything for these guys and I hope that they know it. They are fun, super nice guys who work their asses off just to get their music out there. And that’s what I love most about them — their determination. Green Screen Kid is one of the bands that inspires me to keep going after my dream of making my own music.

Here’s my review of Green Screen Kid’s latest EP The Mastermind. They released The Mastermind before announcing they were going back into the studio to record a full-length album with All Time Low’s very own drummer, Rian Dawson, at Happy Track studios. It’s where Green Screen Kid had previously recorded the single “Canvas Skies” with Rian Dawson. Green Screen Kid — Canvas Skies

The EP kicks off with the badass title track “Mastermind”. This song is unlike anything that we’ve heard from Green Screen Kid before. It’s got edge, it’s fast-paced, and definitely something to bang your head to. As a bassist who has attempted to play this track, I should say that Jorge Dosdos kills it with the bass lines throughout the song! This track has influences from the band One Ok Rock and Green Screen Kid wasn’t afraid to show they were big fans of this band (especially Alex Dosdos the drummer — he has admitted that One Ok Rock was one of his favorite bands). Green Screen Kid — Mastermind

Next up, without losing any of the energy, is the song “Reckless”. Alex Dosdos has said on Spinning Thoughts in Episode 39 that he wrote “Reckless” as “a face full of fuck you” (fantastic quote — maybe it should be on a t-shirt or something). The inspiration of the track is that Green Screen Kid has been turned down by many record labels, the band is sick of it, and wants to prove them wrong. Green Screen Kid — Reckless

After “Reckless” is the song “Remember”. This track isn’t quite as heavy as the other two but it still has one amazing guitar solo performed by the lead vocalist/guitarist Beau Zachowski. Fun fact: at the The Mastermind EP release show in Appleton, Wisconsin (yep, that’s the show I drove 4 hours to see) Green Screen Kid performed this track acoustically for everyone. The song didn’t lose any of its energy by playing it acoustic (maybe they should record a studio version because of how awesome it was). Green Screen Kid — Remember

And last, but certainly not least, is the song “Spotlight”. This track has similar sounds to their previous EP Wild Like Hearts, which is actually very nice. It’s as if Green Screen Kid is saying “as much as we’re changing we are still the same.” This song is about just being yourself in front of everyone. Don’t let anything hold you back, “keep believing, keep believing”, and “let the spotlight shine”. Green Screen Kid — Spotlight

All in all, four amazing tracks makeup Green Screen Kid’s EP The Mastermind so you should really listen to it! Keep an eye out for their new album that they recorded with Rian Dawson!


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