Grayscale — Adornment

Written by: Michaela

Greetings! My name is Michaela and I’m a 21-year-old music enthusiast from Dallas, TX. My current home is Austin, TX — one of the best places to witness incredible live music. Music has always played an important role in my life, guiding me through the best and worst times.

The first time I heard Grayscale was through chance. Browsing YouTube for new tunes is a hobby of mine and I happened to stumble across the video for their song “Palette”. Noting how catchy and bouncy it was, I tucked it away for future enjoyment. I found myself frequently coming back to this song and the record it’s from (What We’re Missing) over the course of several months. Eventually, I started following the band and eagerly began awaiting the arrival of their newest album Adornment.

After the first listen, I knew Grayscale had created something special. There are so many strong points with this album. The lyricism is exceptional, especially on the tracks “Slept”, “Mum”, and “Beautiful Things”. Exploring themes like insomnia, drug use, and suicide, these songs hit me especially hard, as these are issues that do and have previously related to my life. Other tracks like “Forever Yours” and “Atlantic” highlight the talent of vocalist Collin Walsh and the instrumental work of the rest of the band. Everywhere you look, you can find gems and appreciate new pieces of this record.

Overall, this a such a fantastic record and a definite contender for “Album of the Year”. Catchy instrumentation, honest lyrics, and versatile melodies set it apart from its competitors. I urge you to not hesitate and check out this record!

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