Ian Thompson


Hey everyone! My name is Ian, but most of you will grow to know me as “Spidey” (I’m a huge fan of Spider-Man). I’m currently studying Media Production at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA.

Music’s always been a big part of my life since I was little. When I was little my music taste generally reflected off my Dad’s and what he played in the car. He music he typically played was reggae and dancehall but also played genres such as R&B, soft rock, and classic rock.

My first venture into the alternative music scene is when I listen to Avril Lavigne’s Let Go back in 2003 and it quickly became one of my favourite albums. I began listening to the radio more and more and at the time, pop punk became THE genre in rock and I quickly became a fan of bands such as Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.

Around mid-2012, one of my best friends introduced me to Electronic dance music and I quickly fell in love with the soundscape of the genre. It remains probably my favourite genre of music. Around my freshmen year of high school, after hearing some radio classic from back in my childhood, I decided to go back and listen to all the popular pop punk songs I enjoyed growing up, which lead me to fall in love (or falling in love again) with pop punk music. Overall I’m a big fan of genres such as EDM, pop punk, hip hop, pop, R&B, reggae, and dancehall. I’m also a big animation, comic book, 90’s/2000’s culture enthusiast.

Below you can find my socials. Make sure to give me a like or follow me! If you ever want to talk music, animation, comics or movies, be my guest! I also write for All Punked Up and you can find my work over there through my socials!

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