Dawn Anna Trout

Hello everyone! My name is Dawn Anna Trout and I usually have a different hair color every month!

I am 20 years old and living in Pittsburgh, PA. I am currently in college for Multimedia, concentrating in Graphic Design and minoring in Psychology. I would ultimately like to do graphic design for the music industry, be it tour posters, merchandise or maybe get into concert photography!

I am an avid concertgoer, starting all the way back seeing Big Time Rush on their Big Time Summer Tour, although my true concert-going started two years ago with Mayday Parade on their “Sunnyland” tour! I am a cat lover, Disney freak, bit of a video game nerd and a proud supporter of the Make America Emo Again movement. I also enjoy photography!

Pop punk is definitely my favorite genre but I do enjoy a little bit of everything. Sleep On It, Neck Deep, Mayday Parade, The Summer Set (RIP) and Blackbear are some of my favorite artists.

Feel free to hit me up on my socials!

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