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Highdive – ‘Forget I Called’

Highdive, hailing from the great state of Texas, self-released their debut album Forget I Called in May of this year. The 8-track album boasts melodies worth moving your head to, relatable lyrics, and an overall aesthetic that warrants your attention. The album opens with a voicemail in which the frustrated caller utters the titular phrase,  “Forget… Continue reading Highdive – ‘Forget I Called’


New Music Friday: September 7, 2018

Order a pizza, throw on your favorite band t-shirt, and get out your best pair of headphones because today is NEW MUSIC FRIDAY! This is the first drop for the month of September and what a great one it is! Check out all the bands that released new music this week, and most importantly support… Continue reading New Music Friday: September 7, 2018

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The Faim – ‘Summer Is a Curse’

The Faim’s Summer Is a Curse EP drops this Friday via BMG, and personally, I cannot wait. I had the pleasure of listening to it early and every single song on it is amazing, presenting a different feel and sound throughout. Every track on Summer Is a Curse is beautifully written, and the instrumentals are amazing.… Continue reading The Faim – ‘Summer Is a Curse’

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Boston Manor – ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, the second full-length from Boston Manor, due for release on September 7th 2018 via Pure Noise Records, is like a boxer that hits hard and fast.  The Blackpool, UK quintet have unashamedly pushed musical boundaries and are unafraid to tackle heavy subjects throughout this thirteen track sophomore effort. Lead single “Halo”,… Continue reading Boston Manor – ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’

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I Hate Heroes – ‘Save Yourself’

Sometimes, when you hear an album, it hits you right where you need it to.  I Hate Heroes is a band from my home state of Pennsylvania.  Definitely a heavier band, I Hate Heroes has been tiptoeing the fine line between hard pop punk and metalcore, particularly with their debut EP and their claim to… Continue reading I Hate Heroes – ‘Save Yourself’