Marc Juliano


Hey! My name is Marc Juliano. I am a 26 year old musician and graduate student in Psychology from the Philadelphia, PA area. Music has played an incredibly important role in my life over the last ten years or so. I picked up my first guitar around junior year in high school and haven’t turned back since. I love all genres of music but my favorite has to go to punk rock. Some of my favorite bands are Four Year Strong, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, I Am the Avalanche, The Menzingers, Seaway, and Man Overboard.

Being a part of many local bands, currently the pop punk band Goalkeeper, I have never felt a more cohesive community than the music scene. In addition to playing in Goalkeeper, I also book and promote concerts in Philadelphia. This is where I was able to meet many of my friends, and current band members, today. My main goal is to connect with musicians about their new releases and take a deep look into how their albums differ from one another in both lyrical and musical content.