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Album Review: Oh, Weatherly – ‘Lips Like Oxygen’

It’s always refreshing to find new music that is catchy, personal, and undeniably relatable. Artists and bands that are telling original, captivating stories are harder to come by these days. Texas-based band Oh, Weatherly is doing everything right, and could very well be pop-punk’s breakout band of the year. They’re creating music that is timeless,… Continue reading Album Review: Oh, Weatherly – ‘Lips Like Oxygen’

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5 Records to Jam Out to This Summer

Everyone needs a summer soundtrack. In my opinion, it’s impossible to have the perfect summer without the perfect playlist to sing along to with friends. Music can set the tone and mood of every season, and the sunny skies and warm weather call for some fun new tunes.   Are you looking for some new… Continue reading 5 Records to Jam Out to This Summer

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Album Review: The Aces – ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’

I love seeing girls in rock bands. Perhaps what I love more than seeing a frontwoman or a female bassist onstage is the idea of a band totally composed of rad ladies. Bands like The Go-Go’s and The Bangles made music history, paving the way for young women to express themselves much more powerfully than… Continue reading Album Review: The Aces – ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’

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Meet the artist: Elesa Marmo

Elesa Marmo is an up-and-coming pop artist that you should get to know. Based out of Long Island, New York the singer/songwriter discovered her love of music at a really young age. “I was always just kind of singing around the house,” Marmo says, and her passion for songwriting grew shortly thereafter. She is inspired… Continue reading Meet the artist: Elesa Marmo

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Q&A with melodic-punk band, Turnspit

Punk music is taking over the music scene once again these days. With more punk bands breaking into this market, and well-known bands like Say Anything and The Menzingers going on sold-out tours, it’s impossible to ignore this genre and all that it stands for. To me, punk music is all about making commentaries on… Continue reading Q&A with melodic-punk band, Turnspit

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Band

Happy 2018, everyone! Another year has gone by, and more New Year’s Resolutions are being made as you read this article. If you’re an aspiring musician, you may have promised yourself to score a record deal, become famous, or tour the world in this year’s time. This ambitious craving for success is wonderful, but unfortunately,… Continue reading 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Band