Interview: One For The Braves

One For The Braves, hailing from the great state of New York, is bringing you fast-paced, upbeat, catchy pop-punk awesomeness. The band released their latest EP in May of 2017, Does Anybody Honestly Care. We had the opportunity to speak to vocalist Adam Rebillard about the EP, music video for “Dirt Nap”, plans for 2018, and… Continue reading Interview: One For The Braves

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Q&A with melodic-punk band, Turnspit

Punk music is taking over the music scene once again these days. With more punk bands breaking into this market, and well-known bands like Say Anything and The Menzingers going on sold-out tours, it’s impossible to ignore this genre and all that it stands for. To me, punk music is all about making commentaries on… Continue reading Q&A with melodic-punk band, Turnspit

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Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence

If Metal Thoughts has a New Years Resolution, it would be to spend time discovering new artists that are changing metal. Bands like Of Mice and Men and Nothing More are doing awesome stuff and are moving their way into the spotlight.  But there is something to be said for the unsigned artists — the… Continue reading Album Review and Q&A: Voices — Resurgence