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Photo Spotlight: Coast Modern

Coast Modern played their first ever show in Pittsburgh, PA on March 30. It was definitely worth the wait because they put on such a party! Reeve Powers & the Millennials and Late Night Episode opened for them. Reeve Powers & the Millennials  Reeve Powers & the Millennials opened the night up with their fantastic… Continue reading Photo Spotlight: Coast Modern

Angela Rose

Concert Review: Walk the Moon

I’m convinced that Walk the Moon is from a different, magical dimension. Their songs, stage performance, and personalities just radiate love and good vibes. The moment they announced their “Press Restart Tour,” I instantly sent my best friend a text and told her that we were going. Since the show was going to be in… Continue reading Concert Review: Walk the Moon

Angela Rose

Concert Review: Vesperteen

If home was a feeling, it would be a Vesperteen concert experience.  Each time I go to a show, I’m just amazed by the talent and the fun atmosphere that I’m engulfed in. Despite being only thee hours from Pittsburgh in Columbus, Vesperteen played their first ever show here on Friday, December 8th. This was… Continue reading Concert Review: Vesperteen

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Five Bands from Columbus, Ohio That You Should Be Listening To

There must be something in the water in Columbus, Ohio because that city is crazy talented. From its street art to small businesses and everything in between, creativity radiates in its culture. The local music scene is out of this world. There is so much talent and creativity in that community. You need to drop… Continue reading Five Bands from Columbus, Ohio That You Should Be Listening To