Howdy! My name is August Greenberg (they/them)! I’m the front person of the band Riverby in Philadelphia, PA with two psychology degrees from ASU that I will literally never use.

I’ve been playing live music since 2012, starting in small bars and one Applebee’s in southern NJ and haven’t been able to stop — I’m obsessed with Warped Tour Era pop punk as well as music you would fight video game bosses to and sad acoustic songs to listen to when it’s raining.

I was raised on a steady diet of Third Eye Blind, Sheryl Crow, Outkast, Avril Lavigne, and Duncan Sheik which led me to be the tumultuous person that I am today. I once made dance choreography to every single song off of Avril Lavigne’s first record with a childhood friend. Kerri, wherever you are, I’m so sorry.

I had my first show with my band Riverby on April 20th, 2018 and quickly fell in love with the Philly music scene, becoming head over heels for bands like Hop Along, Mannequin Pussy, Soul Glo, and  Kississippi. Besides obsessing over the incredible talent that my city produces, you can find me fighting with my friends over our Twilight opinions, yelling about video games (I have a lot of feelings about Mass Effect), or trying to pick up snakes in the woods.

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