Taking on a narrative approach, Spanish Love Songs tell stories of addiction and loss through many situations of life with Brave Faces Etc., the re-release and reimagination of their third studio, due for release Friday April 15, 2022 via Pure Noise Records.

“Generation Loss” is an anthem for the masses. It speaks to the current generation about feeling lost and invisible to others. The narrative that is painted really indicates to the truth that a lot of individuals feel unseen to the people around them. The instrumentation supplements the darker lyrics by creating an ambiance of loss through the guitar riffs, mellow tones and the general lower key that song is in. Sitting at the middle of the track list makes this song the epitome of the album, tying it all together in one song. Each track tackles a different aspect of life, but this is the overall general call to the generation, emphasizing on the idea that everyone has downfalls and they all just want to be seen by someone.

“Generation Loss” may be the longest song on the album, but with that comes more emotional content. It struck a chord in my heart. Even though I’m most likely not the generation vocalist Dylan Solcum is referring to, it compelled me to reflect on myself and the society around me. It resonates with me as an adult who never felt seen by the people in my inner circle and it will do that for others growing up today.    

“Brave Faces Everyone” is the resolution to the whole album, reflecting on all aspects of life: the good, the bad and the ugly. This song in particular really hones in on the idea that life gets difficult, people fall down and lose themselves in their hard times. People are going to fall into hard times and reflecting on what transpired during those times is what makes us human.   

As a whole, Brave Faces Etc. covers a lot of darker themes and situations that anyone from anywhere in the world can connect with. The lower vocal tones from Solcum intertwined with the music stylings of guitarist Kyle McAulay, bassist Trevor Dietrich, drummer Ruben Duarte and keyboardist Meredith Van Woert creates a haunting melody that makes each song more complex than the next. From beginning to end, the atmosphere pulls the listener in and keeps them engaged with the stories of each song. Stressing the woes of life, it gives a rounded version of the human experience.

Brave Faces Etc. is for anyone who wants to feel heard and understood. The album touches on the lack of empathy the world has, but the band makes it easier to understand one another in these trying times. Even if experiences feel like a one in a million, there are still people out there that will understand and help us through that.

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Sammi Mika

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