On Nothing’s Ever Fine, the world might end. But it might not. And while we wait to find out, Oceanator delivers a revitalizing smack of sound and energy, helping us to remember that even if things don’t turn out fine, we can make our time here worth it.

Oceanator delivers a fun, high-energy album that combines synth elements with traditional rock ingredients. Lead vocalist Elise Okusami sings as though she’s describing her version of the end of the world, creating an atmosphere that is whimsical and takes listeners on a dark, yet  entertaining journey.

Since the album feels like it’s describing the end of the world, the narrative of doom and hope told over the span of a single day is reinforced by the tracks “Morning,” “Post Meridian” and “Evening.” Okusami wrote several of the album’s knottiest riffs with her baritone guitar, lending a gut-punching low register that helps bring a new feeling and sense into the effort. The use of descriptive imagery also allows the listener to be transported into a different world. “Solar Flares” paints the image of a hero walking through the desert after their final battle has been fought. I found myself leaning back and taking in the sense of struggle and hope that the track, as well as the album, provides.

Oceanator delivers a piece of art that entices listeners into its world, building with descriptive lyrics as well as crystalline and crushing instrumentals. Be sure to check out Nothing’s Ever Fine out everywhere today, April 8, 2022 via Polyvinyl Record Co.

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Alex Cavezza

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