Since bursting into the scene in 2015, Bad Omens have continuously pushed the limits of the metalcore genre by creating high-intensity tracks with simple, yet catchy lyrics. With their previous two releases, their self titled and Finding God Before God Finds Me, Bad Omens show no sign of stopping as they continue to grow artistically and take things to the next level with their third studio album, THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND.  


Harmonizing synths layered with vocals from Noah Sebastion, the band has managed to create something truly mesmerizing as every song entrances the listener and leaves them wanting more. Bad Omens bring a lot of different influences from various genres while still maintaining the true punch that metalcore is known for. Songs such as “Like a Villain” demonstrate this best, as the transition from an alternative track to metalcore breakdown adds a new element that makes this album shine.

In the title track, Bad Omens ask the question: Are you satisfied? The answer is yes, and then some. This album is a complete masterpiece as it demonstrates the strengths and creativity of the band. Their willingness to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone allows them to carve out an identity that is wildly unique. While the first two tracks “CONCRETE JUNGLE” and “Nowhere to Go” provide a high octane and up beat sound, the band shows they can do it all with ballads “Who Are You” and “Someone Else” provide nice, mellow tracks that still captivate and hold the attention of listeners.

Listening to a band take the next step is something truly amazing. Bad Omens have set themselves up for success and future growth with this album, as it not only remains true to who they are but allows them the freedom to branch out. I’m excited to see where this era takes them. You can catch Bad Omens on Tour with Underoath and Spiritbox this spring and listen to THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND out on Sumerian Records February 25, 2022.

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Alex Cavezza

Twitter: @a_ztranger

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