West-coast alternative/emo band Raccoon Tour are releasing their debut album, The Dentonweaver, on December 3, 2021 via I Surrender Records. The effort gives Raccoon Tour the stepping stone they need to propel themselves forward. The instrumentals thrust the album forward, pulling together the thematics and lyrics Raccoon Tour are portraying.

The latest pre-released single from the album, “Converse County” really plays into the theme of loss. It’s one of the most catchy songs on this album. Even if it sits as the third song in, it holds a lot of weight to really paint the picture frontman Nate Burr was going for overall with the loss of someone close and questioning the big picture of everything.

“Nightmare Eyes” takes a different turn than the rest of the album. The first 17 seconds set a quiet scene with the sound of crickets. It makes me think of a dark peaceful summer night, but with danger lurking around the corner. The song is based off the 2017 video game “Night in the Woods” that follows a young college dropout who sees the decline of her hometown due to the closure of the local mine. This video game coincides with the thematics of the oppressive force capitalism has on the small town America Raccoon Tour are referencing. Even with me knowing very little about the video game, “Nightmare Eyes” became my favorite song off the album. The instrumentation, lyrics and overall experience formulated this unforgettable song.

The album has a nice ebb and flow between each of the songs. Beginning with “Horrorshow” and ending with “Funeral Song,” they showcase some of the effort’s main themes. “Funeral Song” takes more of an upbeat approach with the instrumentation than what I was expecting, juxtaposing the lyrics in a way that made it have more of an impact as the album’s final song.

Raccoon Tour are making a name for themselves, while not fitting into one specific genre. The Dentonweaver is for those who enjoy some older sounding emo music and deep themes that correlate to today’s society.

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