Long Island artist, Calicoco is set to release their second full length, Underneath, September 3, 2021 via Dadstache Records. Calicoco’s sophomore effort expertly portrays the emotional pendulum swings from delicate sadness to frenzied chaos that one may be experience when working through heavy emotional introspection. Throughout the album, we follow along with frontperson Giana Caliolo as they attempt to process those more difficult emotions that may come with breakups and the internal struggles of difficult emotional growth.

The album’s intro track and latest single, “I Hate Living With Me” dives right in to the emotional turmoil with driving drums and haunting vocals and lyrics. The intro track seeps into the second song, “Strangers,” that begins slow with clean and simple drum work paired with ephemeral guitar riffs. As the cymbals crash in with crunchy guitar tone, we hear our first taste of the emotional range Calicoco can create within a single track.

Next is the album’s debut single and anchor track, “Underneath,” that rolls in with a driving kick drum that eventually melts in with the yearning signature guitar work heard throughout the album. The bridge of this track beautifully matches the emotionally dense lyrical work as it crescendos and fades out to the next single, “Heal Me.” This soulful track strikes a mildly satirized but still desperate tone.

“Cuore Mio,” is Underneath’s ephemeral intermission that features dreamy echo vocals to establish a foggy but vividly somber tone throughout the song. Breaking through the central haze is a thumpy palm muted beat as “Melancholy” begins. This track begins simply with piano that gains momentum and complexity as it delves into its hearty crescendo mid-track. The song keeps its intensity until transitioning into the aptly named track, “Haunting.” This snare-driven song features jangly riffs and hauntingly (😉 ) distorted vocals as Caliolo wrestles with cutting emotional ties with the ghost of a relationship.

As the album comes to a close, “Shade of Blue” comes through with mellow punchy snare and indie film soundtrack vibes that would be perfect for lonely late-night drives to nowhere. The final track, “I Was The Devil,” is a rework of a previous track from 2019’s EP, Remnant. This song closes the Underneath era on a retrospective note, all the while creating space to recognize progress and personal growth.

As a whole, Calicoco presents a beautifully raw body of work and bares their soul with Underneath. The sophomore effort is packed full of hearty indie jams that will become inevitable additions to your moody fall playlists.

Pre-order the album and further support Calicoco’s efforts with Bandcamp Friday this week, September 3.

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Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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