The intensity of Settle Your Scores’ classic pop punk sound resonates throughout the entirety of their upcoming record Retrofit, due for release on August 20, 2021 via Mutant League Records

The energy of the 10 track effort is relentless as the Cincinnati quintet display just how underrated they truly are.  The album could easily have fit in alongside classic pop punk records of the early 2000s from the likes of New Found Glory or The Starting Line.  Yet, the chords that ring out across Retrofit are anything but dated and easily fit in alongside the music from current giants of the genre such as State Champs as well. 

Opener “Meant For Misery” is a classic pop punk jam both musically and lyrically, while “1999” yearns for a more carefree time.  “Staring At The Ceiling” scales things back a bit yet is unmistakably genuine.  The band returned to producer Nick Ingram (Hawthorne Heights, Dayseeker, Hotel Books) for this project after working with him in the past on their first record.  The result is the pure brilliance of Retrofit. 

Brilliant too is the band’s website, which pays homage to a time of dial-up modems and day-long downloads.  Retrofit may very well sneak into a number of Top 10 lists in 2021, somewhere that without a doubt it belongs. 

Pre-save the new album from Settle Your Scores, check out their website and more!

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Dan Bowyer

Twitter: @DanSpinThoughts

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