Hailing from northern England, electronic punk band Strange Bones are set to release their debut full-length album England Screams on August 20, 2021 via FRKST Records/300 Entertainment. The effort houses 13 independent songs with melodic collision that fit together to make one cohesive record. 

The titular “England Screams” is the second track on the album, pushing forward a chaotic tone right out the gate. It starts with police sirens and envelopes the melodic turmoil with an array of sounds going on behind the lyrics and instrumentation. Following the title track is “Dogma,” featuring PAV4N. Strange Bones incorporates rap into their punk music, hammering the idea of this capitalist society the world lives in. There are unspoken rules that everyone abides by and society doesn’t fully understand why. 

Even though most of the songs are heavier, the underlying theme of balancing chaos and order is evident with the strategic placement of the songs and within the tracks themselves, honing in on the theme at hand.

The hidden gem on the album, “Napalm Über Alles” really fits the chaos and order formula by having a whole song about war, without fully disclosing what it’s about. Napalm and Blitz were both used to try and sway favor in WWII, and the title itself means “Napalm above all.” The instrumentation reflects the mayhem by having a vigorous electronic beat and Bobby Bentham’s vocals lending to the cohesive structuring. At first listen, it’s hard to tell what the song is attempting to portray, but by the second listen it’s evident they’re comparing the world today to the tactics used in WWII. The track has a lot of depth, and the breakdowns are placed well throughout. It makes me think while also letting me enjoy the intense breakdowns the band has lovingly executed throughout the entirety of the album. 

England Screams is an intense album with dark content and is for anyone who likes electronic music and deep lyrics. The effort will make you reflect on the world around you but also break your neck rocking out. Strange Bones is gaining traction across the pond and should be a band to keep an eye on.      

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Sammi Mika

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