Cleveland, Ohio alternative band Mud Whale are set to release their debut album Everything in Moderation on August 3, 2021. The blend of different stylings of songs and themes really makes this album one to pay attention to. Staying true to the name, each song correlates to the idea of having things in moderation.

“Scapegoat,” the first pre-released single, introduces us to who Mud Whale are. The beginning of the track has an upbeat, catchy guitar riff that grabs the attention of the listener. Michael Morris (vocalist) starts in with his bold vocals, singing about being a scapegoat in a complicated situation. The vocals and instrumentals blend together to create this sense of feeling exasperated with the situation at hand. The track pulls on the emotional heartstrings, not only by the instrumentation but by the theme and deeper meaning, making “Scapegoat” one of the more intriguing songs on the album.  

One of the hidden gems on the album is “Decay and Bloom.” Every song preceding it has an aggressive tone, even “Nutrient Burn,” but this song has more of a calmer tone, lending a hand to the rest of the album. Morris’ voice compliments the instrumentation and vice versa, making this song the “safe haven” of the effort, nestled perfectly in the middle of all the tracks and breaks up the more hard-hitting songs to the calmer ones. The track reminds me there are only two aspects of life that are certain: birth and death. Between all of that life changes, even if you do not want it to. The underlying theme is that without an open mind, there will never be growth within oneself.

Everything in Moderation has a paradigm where the songs at the beginning of the album are vehement and energetic but then switch into a more tranquil tone. From “Karmageddon” to “Nutrient Burn” they tend to get softer as the album continues, then by “Decay and Bloom” the whole album switches to softer, calmer songs.        

The album puts into perspective what humans deal with emotionally and mentally. Every song is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly to create this image of self-reflection and the deeper meaning of life.   

Everything in Moderation is for those who like a variety of music, whether it’s more of an aggressive approach or a lighter one, Mud Whale fits the bill. The album will have you reflecting on life itself, but for all the right reasons. Since Mud Whale is still fairly new, they’re a great band to enjoy and watch grow as the years go on! 

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Sammi Mika

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