The latest of many very talented bands that have come out of Albany, New York including Count the Stars and contemporaries Drug Church and State Champs, Young Culture return with their latest EP entitled Godspeed, due for release on July 30, 2021 via Equal Vision Records.  The positive progression Young Culture has made even since the release of their self-titled album in October 2020 is clearly apparent from the first notes of Godspeed

Each track sports a crisp, polished feel, further evidence that Young Culture continues to perfect their craft.  The indications that Young Culture would be something special, noticeable a number of years ago, bloom into fullness on Godspeed

The opening title-track showcases the best of Young Culture’s pop sensibilities, while it and tracks such as “Hum” and “Simplemindedteens” contemplate relationships and what it means to grow older in real time as it happens. 

Having taken over from violin-rock veterans Yellowcard as the band who is most associated with the abbreviation “YC,” the genuine character of Godspeed reflects the genuine character of the people in the band who created it.  Young Culture have nowhere to go but up.  

TAGS: Young Culture | Equal Vision Records

Dan Bowyer

Twitter: @DanSpinThoughts

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