Midwest four-piece As Time Fades return with their Sophomore EP, Trust Fall, due out July 16, 2021. With catchy riffs and bouncy hooks, As Time Fades draws on classic pop punk roots to further establish their punchy, high-energy sound.

As Time Fades – ‘Trust Fall’ EP cover

Opening track “Marionette,” the first pre-released single accompanied by a music video directed by Vince Lundi, is an excellent example of As Time Fades’ growth from their debut Ep Growing Season (2018). The band uses the musical ebb and flow of “Marionette” to drive the narrative and lyrical storytelling. The vivacity of the song reflects a cathartic take on a situation where purging toxic relationships makes you stronger in the end that leads into “Headway,” a cautiously optimistic track that is a bit more deliberate with noodley guitar work and hopeful anthemic hooks.

The album’s center tracks don’t let up, and “Invisible (feat. Elbow Room)” hits fast with some nostalgic pop punk riffage reminiscent of Life’s Not Out To Get You era Neck Deep and even includes a refreshingly heavy easycore breakdown. I would bet at least one Warped Tour setlist that this song will be a staple on As Time Fades’ live sets. “Circles” and “Hollow” both intro at a slower tempo as a refreshing little palate cleanser before stepping right back into a zestful stride as the chorus kicks off. “Hollow” is another shining example of the band’s songwriting growth. The full, well-layered mixing shows hints of Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and other current pop punk giants while still retaining its own unique identity and energy.

“Meant To Be” crashes in at a 1000 mph with easycore guitar work that is just too catchy not to try to keep up with. This track and its captivating Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!-esque riffs are sure to scratch your head bobbing and angsty finger-pointing itch. Sticking true to “classic” pop punk roots, Trust Fall closes with a dual-vocal acoustic song. “Counterweight,” is chock full of hauntingly layered vocals with introspective lyrics and neatly ties the effort together.

Whether you’re in the mood for pop punk hooks, easycore riffage or mellow acoustic vibes, As Time Fades deliver with their Sophomore effort. Maybe it’s time for you to take a trust fall and discover your new favorite band.

Pre-save the EP, catch an early listen to the final pre-released single on idobi Radio, check out merch and more!

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Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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