I M U R release their steamy new album My Molecules on Friday June 25, 2021 via Distorted Muse

I M U R – ‘My Molecules’ album cover

Opening with the title track, “My Molecules” sets the mood with dreamy, glowing vibes. Directly following the title track, “Case of You” is a spicy delight of a song, perfectly in tune with the band’s self-proclaimed genre of “make-out” music.

More serious and introspective, “Sad Girls Club” shines with authenticity with lyrics, “One thing is for certain/I feel a burden/not tryin’ to put this weight on you as I roll up the curtain/welcome to the shitshow/didn’t plan on going solo/got me reaching for that bottle/bet you didn’t know, no that/I could tell you lies/the through is in my eyes.”

Other standout tracks “Spent” and “Worst Behavior” showcase the personal labor and trials in the songwriting while flaunting the spectacular vocals of the trio that comprises I M U R: Vocalist Jenny Lea, and multi-instrumentalists Mikey J Blige and Amine Bouzaher. 

An impressive and polished product of the Pandemic, the personal storytelling of My Molecules elevates the effort while luscious melodies and emphatic lyrics seduce the listener.  I M U R successfully delivers an alluring new album with My Molecules.

Pre-save the new album coming from I M U R right here!

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