Do you ever see a band live and think, “I like this,” but never listen to them after that night? Drug Church is one of those bands for me, and I’ve done that every time I’ve seen them. I don’t think I will have that issue again after hearing the band’s new EP, Tawny, out Friday June 25, 2021 via Pure Noise Records.

Drug Church – ‘Tawny’ album cover

This EP is good. The crazy thing is, it’s only four songs! One was a single last year and another is a cover, so it’s two new songs, but they make them count. This release does what an EP should: It’s something to hold fans over until a full-length, which is on the way.

Kicking off Tawny is “Head-Off” and it reminds me of that college rock sound of the 80s and 90s. Bands like Husker Du, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and bands of the like. It’s guitar-driven, and that’s a good thing. It’s a unique sound, one that isn’t appreciated as much these days.

Next up is the title track, and what a banger it is. Again, the guitar work stands out — It’s so raw. I appreciate the imagery and word choice, adding an additional layer to the song. In the first line the lyricist mentions the sun, which we all know is yellow, there’s a mention of a glow a few times and headlights are spoken of.  When I read the lyrics, it almost felt like an Edgar Allan Poe poem.

“Bliss Out” is the next track and is 1:58 of pure bliss. It’s fast, hard, fun and wild — I love it. The last track is the cover, “Remember to Forget” by Minneapolis, MN punk band Arcwelder. Do you know who else is from Minneapolis? Yep, Husker Du — and we have gone full circle. Upon listening to the original, I understand why Drug Church chose it. It’s the same sound I was speaking about above, and they nailed it.

Overall, Tawny is a solid release. As someone who has only seen them live, I’m very impressed with Drug Church’s studio work and will be listening to their discography this week.  I very well may have found a new favorite band.

Pre-order Tawny, snag some merch + more right here!

Are you going to catch Drug Church on tour supporting Citizen with special guests Glitterer and Floating Room? Check out dates and get tickets here!

Citizen tour with special guests Drug Church, Glitterer and Floating Room

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