Philadelphia pop rock band Familiar Things announced their release of a two-song EP, American Muscle, out Friday May 28, 2021. The band has been a solid supporter of Spinning Thoughts, so we jumped at the opportunity to spread some love and share their music with you.

Familiar Things – ‘American Muscle’ album cover

American Muscle is bursting with two anthemic pop punk gems that will leave you itching for a summer road trip. “Blue Supreme” brings the post-breakup feels and “Vodka Soda Summer” lands with a reminiscent, yearning vibe. Both songs are reflective and nostalgic, but contain pop rock hooks and pop punk riffs to keep you bopping along with every word.

As the weather warms up and we continue to have an outstanding year for new music, do NOT sleep on Familiar Things and their perfect summer soundtrack, American Muscle.

Pre-save the new EP, American Muscle, from Familiar Things

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Tyra Brunz

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